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Women like skype camchat for free

If any one changes his/her device(MAC address also changes), they are requested to re-verify their Whats App account.Means you cannot access same Whats App account from two devices.Step 4 : Now reinstall Whats App on your phone, enter victims phone number and verify your account by entering the verification code received on victim’s phone.

Here’s how to find victims MAC address : Step 3 : Done with installing terminal app and Busy Box on your Android?

Whether it’s you or me, no one can spend even few hours without using this amazing instant messaging client.

Apart from live chat, mesmerising features like sharing media and other data are key features that allows Whats App to hold number of users with it.

Step 1 : First, uninstall Whats App from your phone or run multiple Whats App account on your Android to Track Whats App Messages.

Step 2 : Now you need to have the victim phone’s MAC address.

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