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Who is eminem dating right now

She was known to abuse dangerous narcotics like heroin.Part of the reason that Eminem received custody of Alaina was due to her mother’s many problems with the law.#4 Her mom had problems—Many of the people in Eminem’s life have had issues with chemical dependency, including Eminem himself.Alaina Marie Mathers’ mother, Dawn had a particularly noted history of drug abuse.

Once Eminem adopted Amanda, he changed her name to Alaina, often nicknaming her “Lainey”.

Justin also has numerous tattoos just like Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers III.

The Despacito singer showed his affinity for Eminem in late 2015 when he covered his songs Lose Yourself and Cleaning Out My Closet at a London nightclub.

Justin also rapped to Eminem during a 2013 concert in the rapper's hometown of Detroit.

Eminem in 2013 reportedly invited Justin to stay at his home over the Christmas and New Year period while then-teenage Justin was in the headlines for run-ins with the law.'He's really hoping he can sort Justin out.

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The tour finishes its European leg Sunday with a concert at Hyde Park in London, followed by North American concerts and will conclude this fall in Asia.