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The black ball on the tiller and lift handle had been replaced by a red bicycle grip.

This new improved machine had a still larger 8 HP, BKN Wisconsin engine and was offered in both and choke controls.

He lives right down the street from the shop on River Road.

Seems that Bob bought the company from the 3 fellows in New Hartford in 1968.

Historical records show that the company was registered as being in existence in Lewiston through 1972.It was a slow death; by 1968 they had had enough and found a buyer for the remains in the form of Diamond Machine of Lewiston, Maine.Bob Verreault, owner, and paid ,000.00 for the few remaining tractor-trailer loads. In the fall of 2007 I got the idea to search the historical records in Lewiston.In asking around I had always been told that the Lewiston “factory” had burned, ending Beaver. He said they had had another big snow and that the roof on The Beaver Shack had caved in. But in speaking with Bob I learned that there had in fact been a fire in ‘72. All the beaver bits were stored in what the guys called the Beaver shack.

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They suggested that tractor be prototyped, addressing the Smathers shortcomings, and built with the intention of Baird manufacturing them. 28, 1948 was issued and Art designed and built a prototype Beaver tractor from scratch.