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Supplementing these are the ministry's documents from 1945, which were found in Westminister Cathedral in 1980 and are now housed at the Sikorski Institute in London.

Additional records are stored at the Pilsudski Institute in New Jersey.

With London providing a relatively safe environment for governmental activity, the records of the 1940-45 period have survived to a large extent intact, although some records from diplomatic posts abroad were destroyed in the post-war period in an effort to keep them from the new communist authorities in Poland.

The Hoover Archives is in possession of the complete set of the ministry's records covering the years 1939-1944, and some documents from 1945 are to be found within the collection.

Most Polish military activity was under the control of the British, and for that reason records concerning this are generally not available.

Material is to be found in the collection at Hoover concerning organizational, as opposed to operational, issues involving the Polish military, such as the formation, training and disposition of Polish forces on Soviet and British territory.

A digital copy of this entire collection is available at .

Subsequent political and military agreements between the two countries are also recorded.Abstract: Correspondence, bulletins, memoranda, reports, studies, lists, financial records, and photographs, relating to Polish foreign relations during World War II, the Polish government in exile in London, Allied diplomacy during World War II, conditions in Poland during the war, deportation of Poles to the Soviet Union, Polish refugees, the Jewish holocaust in Poland, and Polish military operations.Includes some records of Polish foreign relations during the interwar period.In the first months of exile in London, the Foreign Ministry's posts were filled by a new group of officials, who nonetheless were able to maintain a high level of professional competence in the exercise of their duties.Utilizing skilled individuals from among the Polish refugee population, as well as former employees who were smuggled out of occupied Poland, the ministry was able to preserve a clear division of responsibilities within its staff and to sustain an intense diplomatic effort on behalf of Poland.

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