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It means nothing more for the everyday Russian buying groceries at Safeway, and I didn't imply that it did. What makes you think most of them are materialistic?If you take a cross-section sample of any ethnic group you are going to find some percentage of them as materialistic.

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They probably do this because many of them speak Russian.

Russians come from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, with the exception of the formerly exhiled, living as minority groups in places such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, and a few other places in Europe.

So, I wouldn't be so hard on immigrants or generalizing about such a great number of people. They do similar profiles for many groups of people.

I am actually more concerned about neo-Nazis and arm & hammer types in Sacto area. My point in this is that you are taking the position that there hasn't been a problem and I'm pointing out that there were some problems, and there continues to be problems with organized crime in many areas.

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Generally speaking, you can say that for instance Italian Americans or Irish Americans, or Latinos, or German Americans have some members involved in crime. First of all, lets not make generalizations without statistical data, second, lets not forget that everybody came form somewhere and life is a trip, so lets make it more enjoyable for everybody.

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