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At the nuclear plant, Claudia Tiedemann, Egon's daughter and Regina's mother, is installed as director, and clashes with her predecessor, Bernd Doppler.Bernd warns her about the public support shifting away from nuclear power, due to the recent Chernobyl disaster, and shows her hidden stores of nuclear waste in a nearby cave.Meanwhile, Ulrich is also cheating on his wife, high school principal Katharina, with Jonas' mother Hannah.While searching for Erik's stash of drugs in a cave not far from the town's soon-to-be closed down nuclear power plant, Jonas, Bartosz, the three Nielsen children, and schoolmate Franziska Doppler are frightened by strange sounds and their flickering flashlights, and Mikkel disappears as they flee the cave.Robot himself, was planning to destroy E-Corp’s physical databases and throw the world into disarray. The trailer features no dialogue but does give us the first glimpse at a new character played by actor Bobby Cannavale.Where will season 3 begin after this massive cliffhanger? Other notable take-aways from the trailer include Malek’s Elliot Anderson looking panicked and touching his mouth, Carly Chaikin’s Darlene looking particularly upset about something and Grace Gummer’s Dominique Di Pierro holding a gun.

A flock of sheep is found dead from cardiac arrest with their eardrums ruptured.

Meanwhile, a grubby looking stranger checks into the hotel owned by Bartosz' mother, Regina, and Ulrich's mother Jana lies to Ulrich, claiming that Ulrich's father, Tronte, was with her the night after Mikkel's disappearance, while knowing he left their house.

At dawn, a disorientated Mikkel wakes up in the cave and runs home, only to discover what date he now lives in: November 5, 1986.

The next day, the body of a young boy is discovered, but it is not Mikkel.

At an unknown location, a hooded figure straps Erik to a chair, while clamping a mechanism around his head.

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Police chief Charlotte Doppler is informed that the dead boy, dressed in a 1980s outfit, died only 16 hours earlier, and that his ears were destroyed by extreme pressure.