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Moon chae won and park shi hoo dating sites

During one of those episodes, I heard the OST, which I immediately liked and searched for on youtube so I could hear the full version.

On the side of the video, I saw a link to a BTS of The Innocent Man, and couldn't help but click on it. This cold-hearted, who-needs-love type of girl, was acting silly during the break of a very serious scene along with the other actors. And so, I continued my marathon of BTS's, a few interviews, and discovered that was she was the complete opposite of her character in the beginning; soft-spoken, polite, humble and rather silly when she wanted to be.

stay sweet and keep smiling , saranghe Moon Chae Won. I'll keep on watching your all your dramas and keep supporting you : ) All the very very very best in life! Yes, she has become pretty good, but only at playing these serious, cold characters. I'm not into these things but I can't help but express myself on how good she is, anio how she was the best in every drama she has done.... I first saw her in "Painter of the Wind" and from then on, I became a fan. I can see her passion in her craft, her talent had me sympathizing on every character she portrayed. She's pretty inside and out, extremely talented, humble, and hardworking.

I think you're a great actress drama really suits you . I really want to see if she can widen her range and pull of more bright or even silly characters. I couldn't almost contained myself in getting over with innocent man and still watching this drama for the nth time, although I know what comes next, I'd still find myself giggling for some Ma roo and Eun gi scenes... All the recognition, love and support she's currently receiving and has ever received now are truly well deserved.

Chaewon Unnie, I really hope you will have a happy ending with Lee Jin Wook oppa in Goodbye Mr. Her roles are basically matching toher personality. Hope and How The actor play The roll Its electric to me . Park who he really play the role with autism, But I love Dr. My next target is to watch all your drama and movies! well, its not a surprise coz she is really an amazing actress. and her big screen come back is still schedule for 2015. i need to find another actress that i can follow that matches her caliber as an actress, while awating for her comeback... Such a humble actress I must say, she's smart at picking her projects as evidence by her awards, outstanding acting skills that has been recognized not only in South Korea but also abroad. Congratulations Moon Chae Won on winning an award for Good Doctor! You can feel the strength of her characters which is amazing. hehe After all, fighting to all casts and the production team. Instead of telling celebrities how they should look, why don't you go and do something useful like read a book. Black,,,, Chae Won eonni, you are perfectly match with Jin Wook oppa, I will be very happy if you and him become the real couple in real life,,, I really wish it, can you both fulfill my dream?,,,, MCW you truly proved that you're the melo drama queen and also natural actress (you don't mind people saying that short hair is not suited for you, well, they're wrong). icon of innocent and pure : D hwaiting Ive done watching goodbye,why moon chae-won you get fattier now its not suit you your more beautiful in the innocent man,,you are more beautiful in thin face and thin body now you've change a lot not like innocent man your very beautiful in every single your recent GMB some moves/some scenes you did not looked as beautiful as in innocent man look very short when you are fat.. In my opinion she could be as the same level as Ha Ji Won. I wasn't a fan of Chae Won until I watched "The Innocent Man" but now, she's my 2nd fave next to Ha Ji Won. She's really one of Korea's bests and I do agree with previous comments that she's VERY beautiful but it seems like she doesn't know it (which makes her more lovable). First time I saw her (My Fair Lady with Yoon Eun Hye as the lead), it was love at first sight. :))) oh my gosh, she is one of my favorite actress,she has this kind of interesting face, pretty yet gentle:) and i love her acting too... ITS OKAY DADDY'S GIRL (this drama is simple and heart warming) 4. I always watching a drama if her acting in the that drama and i think the drama was success always because her acting.. love you and continual success Annyeong haseyo :) I really appreaciated "Moon Chae Won" as the great actress, a very strong personality, I love to see acting dr. hopefully that you always get more awards :))) godb Less you ! I find Moon Chae-Won to be my favorite actress because, no matter what part she plays, you see her warmheartedness. Very strong actress....her talent eclipses those around the world. Wish the plot change a bit and we can have some love story just like Chinese drama Love Me If You Dare .. Always be strong ,ignore all the bashers ,they bash u because they all insecure to our heart ur still the one.fighting..........fighting I really like her so much. Her job is not to look like how you want her to, it is to act and she does a great job of doing it. She's really smart when it comes to picking her projects. Hope to see you in a Rom Com drama very very soon... she has talent, all caps, she is amazing and have watched everything that i could with her in it. ^_^ the first i met her in The Painter of the Wind. that why i beg you alot for (marukang) soong joong ki keep a goodhealth ..:)) dont worry about people say behind you back because for me , your a perfect actress! roseannheart is yours..*^_^* I liked Marilyn's comment are almost always the better actor when pairing up with the boys... hope that you will be come back with best project :) Really want to see her being casted in drama/movie with jo insung/ kang dongwon/ lee jehoon/ yoo ah in :) Unnie fightiiiing!!!!!!!!!!! next projext as fast as quickly as possible please nomu nomu bogoshipo,, I can't watch goodbye mr black till end because the drama is not your best I think, that drama is great in the first but till end it's go worst and finally I just can watch till eps 16, hope your next project is better than that's and with a great and handsome actors as usually, right ? hahah,, hope you stay health and beauty as always ? I hope you get new project drama as soon as possible with great actors such as Yoo Ah-in, Lee Jun-ki, and Gong Yoo. :)) The leading lady still hasn't been chosen, I hope "Moon Chae Won" will be offered the role! :))) after 6 years,the two may work together & can make a good couple since they are the same age!!! ♥♥♥ The Innocent Man's #1 FAN :) I really appreciated Moon Chae Won as the great actress. I love how you portrayed Lee Se-Ryung in the Princess Man and Jong Hyang in Painter of the Wind. And speaking of comfort zone, she is known to always try different roles and she has stated that she doesn't want to do similar character in her last year interview.also new character's with your new hair please hmm.. I love your acting so much, and will always look forward to your best drama. :)) Hi Chae Woon , the 1st time i saw you, i really liked you. A very strong personality and a sweet lovely "Megan" ..can't wait to see you again for your drama series and i hope Song Joong Ki again ^^ I am a #1 solid supporter of you guys very cute and lovely guys! Moon Chae Won, is a great actress with very warmhearted personality and strong character. Gosh, I'm so impressed by the way you express emotions verbally & non-verbally and get us/viewers engaged with the characters you play! I am glad that she is improving after each project.

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i like all your dramas especially Brilliant Legacy, The Princess' Man and Good Doctor .