Kristin cavallari dating

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Kristin cavallari dating

The former Laguna Beach star shared a series of photos from their picturesque getaway on Instagram over the weekend.

One photo shows the mom-of-three showing off her sexy bikini body in a skimpy maroon swimsuit.

'I’m surprised he let me.'The image showed the sportsman staring out to sea as he stood apparently nude on a wooden balcony, showing off his athletic build.

'I did ask him if I could - I wanna clear that up - and yeah, we were just having fun,' Kristin said this week.

In the second, she's seen spreading herself across a deck chair, she ran a hand through her unkempt blonde mane and flashed a bit of cleavage via her skimpy white bikini top.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses sat on her face, and waves could be seen crashing on the sand behind her in the photo she captioned: 'Saltwater hair'.

I was very surprised he let me post a picture of his butt - but he did! I think it's great.'Days after returning from her break with the recently-signed Miami Dolphins quarterback, Kristin revealed that she was sure to get the go-ahead from Jay before she shared the intimate shot on her Instagram account. So, I just decided to post a picture,' she told Access Hollywood.He was slightly shadowed by the angle of the sun, but was clearly in his birthday suit, wearing nothing but his watch and another bracelet.She captioned the photo: 'Good times, no tan lines.Another shot shows the 30-year-old standing serenely on the beach alongside a blue bicycle.She's dressed in a flowy blue jumpsuit, and is seen clutching her stomach with one hand and her bike handlebar with the other.

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The television personality was spotted proudly flaunted her assets in a thong bikini while frolicking about on the beach on Sunday.

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