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You will then get an e-mail/text message from Kamiyama.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24. Fighting Amon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After completing all of the characters sub-story and underground missions, make sure you are using Kiriyu.

This guide may have what some people consider to be spoilers as it will mention fighting certain people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 22nd, 2011 - Version 0.50 - Compiled the finished walkthrough and sub-story missions lists. July 25th, 2011 - Version 0.55 - Compiled and translated all Hasegawa Orders. After defeating Amon, you will get another text message from Kamiyama. After exiting Kamiyama works you will get a text from Bob to go to Naomi's to pick up your reward.

- Added an unfinished "Completion List Rewards" section. When you try to enter the underground again, you will have a new option (the 3rd option).

- Finished off a bunch of things from the "To Do List". You can Heat Snipe the source if you're fast enough and have some Heat Gauge built up, but the timing can be tricky.

To Do List: - Food List - Asari is what option in the fisherman's bait list Skills - A load of skills pre-reqs Weapons - What level of Kamiyama's unlocks what Completion List - Finish writing up all the completion list rewards Mini-Games - ping pong options - bowling options - karaoke options - location and options for the gambling den games - location and options for the casino games - blackjack cheat items, extra high stakes game scale, and other games Endless Underground - fill out the options to choose to get to the endless underground Partners - which letter is your partner friendship level - how much does socialability skill increase friendship level Other -Include the Embroidered Dragon Shirt in the armor list and completion list ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01. His second attack has Demon Amon charge straight at you and grab.

- Finished all the final events for the cabaret girls. It is sometimes a little difficult to dodge all these balls, but they aren't a big deal as they don't do a lot of damage. Bottom Level: 20F Boss : Arahabaki Experimental Zombie EXP : 10000 Rewards : 1 High Density Polymer, 1 Super Resistant Resin, 1 Plasma Battery, 1 Toughness Infinity, 1 Battery ==Ryuji's Missions== Name : Leftovers from the War Location : Enter the manhole on the northern end of the street between the Batting Center and the Dragon Palace Casino. Bottom Level: 10F Boss : Tribal Zombie EXP : 6000 Rewards : 1 High Density Polymer, 1 Super Resistant Resin, 1 Plasma Battery, 1 Toughness Infinity, 1 Battery Name : Sleeping in the Underground Corridor Location : Enter the manhole that is north of the Karai Korean Restaurant and south of Kamuro Hills in the northeastern section of the map. **You do have a handgun with infinite ammo in addition to the shotgun you start with. - Beat down or run away from the zombies again for another scene. The exception to this is Kiriyu who has one mission and an extra secret mission (see "24. Besides what I mentioned already about bringing batteries into the underground with you, the other important thing to note is that there is a vendor that randomly appears in the underground. **There's not much to this than following the markers to the end. - Go to the pink marker and save one more guy from zombies. - Kill the boss (shoot its tentacles, take its health down to nothing, then heat snipe it when it jumps). Chapter 4 - Go to the pink marker and choose the bottom option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. Kazuma Kiriyu's Chapters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11a. Chapter 1 - Fight or run away from the zombies until you get a scene. After completing the second mission (the second mission takes place in the exact same location but you will need to go deeper into the underground the second time along), speak to Kine again to complete that character's underground missions.

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