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"There is no doubt, many have been told by their parents not to come home because there is nothing to come home to," said Mr Cantwell.

"Given that the Australian economy is now talking about booming again, many are seeking to stay on and ride it out." Usit, which organises working holiday visas for tens of thousands of people every year, is reporting a 700 per cent rise in interest for its volunteer programmes, which enable people to volunteer for work abroad for a year or more.

But although they may be enjoying their life experiences, some of the locals are not so happy with their behaviour and concerns are growing over a native backlash against their backpacking visitors.

"They are young, they are out late, they are drinking hard, many are taking drugs, they are away from home and they are often making noise well into the night at 24-hour bars.

"The Irish are very well regarded by employers and are well paid in comparisons to others." The problems in Sydney are reminiscent of what happened with J-1 visa students in San Diego in 20, when as many as 8,000 Irish students descended on the town looking for work.

Despite the mounting tensions and problems with anti-social behaviour, the Irish were still welcome Down Under, he added.From Joan and Charles Omarzu's deck where a hummingbird feeder hangs, there is a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside, and in the distance, Mount Le Conte and other features of the Great Smoky Mountains can be seen.Joan hung a feeder out last November but did not notice a hummingbird visiting during that season.Joan watched the deck for a while and the hummingbird came to the window and hovered in front of her.She quickly made sugar water and hung a feeder out!

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