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Despite its anonymous publication “by a Lady” and Cooper’s status as an amateur naturalist, the book caught the attention of leading scientists of the time.Cooper lamented the changing landscape and anticipated concepts central to ecology when few others did.Over 30 years, she wrote more than 20 books about her quiet observations of the wild.Meticulous and graceful, Zwinger’s writing integrated geology, botany, archaeology, and history along with personal reflections.The self-reliant teenage heroine, Elnora, loved the outdoors, especially hunting moths.Stratton-Porter made a fortune from these romantic novels, with a stunning 10 million copies sold by 1924.And she did so personally and lyrically: “The varied foliage clothing in tender wreaths every naked branch, the pale mosses reviving, a thousand young plants rising above the blighted herbage of last year in cheerful succession.” Choose the 1998 University of Georgia Press edition of At a time when most women were homemakers, Gene Stratton-Porter was a prolific novelist, naturalist, and conservationist.

They are hard to pin down but for their willingness to be “unladylike,” to question, and to seek.

She also wrote ten natural history books between 19.

Stratton-Porter was the first American woman to form a movie and production company, Gene Stratton-Porter Productions, Inc., and used her position to help conserve parts of the Limberlands you see in Indiana today. More than a century ago, Austin presciently captured a disappearing cultural and physical landscape: the people, plants, politics, and sense of place in California’s Owens Valley.

Who would want to live in a world which is just not quite fatal?

” In 2006, Ann Haymond Zwinger was studying for a doctorate at Harvard when she met her husband, an Air Force pilot.

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